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Chapter 27 – Dilemma of Worldly Desires

Tian Ying

“An opportunity to enter Kunlun Sect and cultivate?”

In the tavern, the plump Old Ma sits at the table by the window. His stout and short fingers fondle a jade token he holds in his hand. After a short moment, he asks Lu Chen with a peculiar look on his face.

Sitting opposite of him, Lu Chen raises his head to gulp down a cup of wine. Then, he shrugs and replies, “At least that’s what he said.”

Old Ma harrumphs and stares fixedly at Lu Chen, “Don’t play the fool with me. I don’t believe that you are unable to tell the underlying meaning behind those words.”

Lu Chen smiles without answering.

Old Ma ignores him and continues on, “The world operates in such a way. Look at the mortals in Clear Stream Village. They are willing to toil for their entire life just for that slim and fleeting chance. How could such an opportunity be presented to you so easily?”

Lu Chen replies, “Perhaps Hong Chuan is a disciple of a reputable sect, so the opportunity to check one’s roots isn’t that difficult for him.”

Old Ma mocks, “That is Kunlun Sect, one of the top sects in the Immortal Alliance. Although it isn’t as prosperous and powerful as it used to be, a skinny camel is still larger than a horse. No matter what, it isn’t something a trashy sect like the Thousand Autumn Doors is able to match up. Do you believe that if a Kunlun fundamental disciple were to come here, even the sect leader of Thousand Autumn Doors would have to welcome hims presence personally?”

Lu Chen smiles, “Look at what you’re saying. You look down on Thousand Autumn Doors a little too much.”

Old Ma sneers, his expression spells out his contempt for that shabby sect. However, he suddenly recalls something and turns to look at Lu Chen, “Right, at this point, exactly what position does that fellow hold? If he is just a fundamental disciple, he would have to be one of the elites of the Kunlun Sect to ensure an opportunity for you to verify your roots. It seems to make a bit of sense this way.”

Lu Chen frowns. He contemplates for a moment before saying, “Hong Chuan’s fundamentals as a cultivator is extremely solid. However, it is true that his level of cultivation isn’t very high. Judging from it, he should still be a Lianqi realm disciple and has yet to breakthrough the fundamental stage.”

Old Ma shakes his head and says, “That shouldn’t be it. For a giant like Kunlun Sect, they would bound to have countless disciples under them. If he is just an ordinary Lianqi realm disciple, then he shouldn’t have that much influence, unless there’s someone backing him. Oh, does he have any high-ranking elders in his family in the sect or does he have a respected teacher?”

Lu Chen ponders over it and smiles, “I think you’re right. Other than this opportunity, he even says that even if I do not have any talent for cultivating, he is able to ensure that I would be able to stay in Kunlun Sect as a menial disciple. To be able to say such words, he must have a certain level of influence in Kunlun Sect.”


Old Ma suddenly smacks the table. A dissatisfied look appears on his name as he howls, “Damn it! You fellows always contain those teachings and inheritances internally within your circles, that’s why heroic figures like me who lack talent and background are unable to succeed in life!”

Lu Chen coughs and reminds him, “I have never been to Kunlun Sect, so how can I contain the teachings you speak of?”

Old Ma harrumphs. He glances at him and says, “You are all from the same flock!”

Lu Chen bursts into laughter. Then, he raises his head to gulp down another cup of wine before replying with a smile, “Anyway, it is impossible for me to go there.”

Old Ma is taken aback by his words and an expression of discomfort flashes past his face. He sighs, “It is really such a pity. You had such great roots back then, yet you were ruined by the diabolical ‘Curse of Black Flames’.”

Lu Chen’s eyelids droop. Then, smiling, he stands up and walks over to pat Old Ma’s sturdy shoulders, “It’s fine. Anyway, I have been living as a mortal for more than a decade and I am already used to it by now.”

Old Ma opens his mouth, only to shut it again. Lu Chen stretches his back. Placing the jade token back into his embrace, he walks towards the door and bids Old Ma farewell, “I had been busy the whole of last night. I am returning now to catch up on my sleep.”

Old Ma didn’t have the intention to stand up to send him off. He solemnly stares at that man as he walks out from the tavern and into the distance. From afar, his back view seems to be a little lonesome.


The weather is fair and the Clear Stream Village starts to grow lively. Lady Ding Dang who likes to sleep in woke up early yet again today and dresses up. Her beautiful face attracts many gazes as she walks through the village. Some of the gazes are in envy, some in lust, some in greed and some in jealousy. However, she doesn’t bother herself with any of them.

She has encountered many of such gazes before. At the very least, in this village, she doesn’t fear them. A thousand Spirit Stones may be a faraway goal, but it is no longer an unreachable one to her. As long as her luck proves to be good, she could be accepted by those immortals in the Thousand Autumn Doors. Hmph hmph! Those smelly guys in the village, those pitiful bugs who wish to unclothe her with their gazes despite being so stingy. Also, those jealous ladies who are used to be hypocritical. They would all be ants beneath her feet then.

At this point, she can’t help but be shrouded by a slight floating sensation. A slight smile creeps onto her face as she surveys this village in disdain. She thinks with vile intentions, ‘at that moment, all of you will be kneeling before me, begging me. However, I will definitely not enlighten any of you. Un, the young master Li at the opposite stream isn’t bad, I find him quite satisfactory, so I can enlighten him for a bit. Also… that fellow Lu Chen. He may be a lustful jerk who always try to take advantage of me whenever we meet, but his nature is not bad. So, I will enlighten him then as well.’

Ding Dang thought delightfully in his mind. Then, she suddenly spots Lu Chen walking over from the opposite direction. She subconsciously stops and raises her hand to gesture him over, thinking in her heart, ‘smelly man, my mood is good today so come over and say a few jokes to make me happy. I have decided that I will enlighten you in the future.’

Who knew that Lu Chen seems to be deep in thought today. His eyes are fixated on the path in front with a musing look on his face. He didn’t notice Ding Dang’s gesture and walks past her.

Ding Dang is taken aback. In the next instant, she feels angry and stare hatefully at Lu Chen’s back. She grinds her teeth and thinks, ‘this smelly man, it is indeed impossible to support mud across the wall. Next time when I have become an immortal, no matter how you beg me or kneel before me, I will not enlighten you anymore.’

She turns around and raises her chin just like a proud peacock, refusing to look at Lu Chen any longer. At this moment, she suddenly notices a group of girls gathering at the opposite bank of the clear stream. Who else could be standing in the midst of the crowd other than young master Li?

Ding Dang’s heart pounds. Ignoring Lu Chen, she grabs her silk skirt and rushes over to the opposite bank of the clear stream.

A skinny camel is still larger than a horse (瘦死的骆驼比马大)
TL: It means that given in size, even though it may not be as prosperous as it is now, it still possesses the might normal sects are unable to match up to.

Enlighten (渡化)
TL: I used this a few times. It does mean enlighten but in this case, it is to enlighten them to become cultivators.

impossible to pull mud across the wall. (烂泥扶不上墙)
TL: Means if that person is hopeless, no matter how much you try to help him, it is to no avail.

Lianqi (Fundamental Stage)
TL: Literally means Training of one’s breathing. 

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