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Chapter 17 – Visitor at the Back Mountain

Tian Ying

Being asked about the condition of the mountain at the back, Lu Chen nods his head and asks, “Yes. Do you intend to head to the tea mountain?”

A hint of joy appears on the face of the youth. He nods his head and he cups his hands again once again as he smiles to Lu Chen, “May I trouble you with another question. Do you know if there is a location known as ‘Flying Swallow Crag’ on the tea mountain?”

Lu Chen stuns before shaking his head, “No, I have lived here for quite a long period of time. I am very familiar with the tea mountain but there isn’t a place called Flying Swallow Crag on it.”

The youth is a little surprised. He didn’t expect that he would hear such a reply. He mutters under his breath, “That shouldn’t be. She obviously said that it is the tea mountain of this Clear Stream Village.”

Lu Chen smiles, “Perhaps. Anyway, this is the Clear Stream Village and the tea mountain, no doubt about it. Just that, I have really never seen the Flying Swallow Crag before. Why don’t you try looking for it up there?”

The youth ponders over it and nods his head in agreement, “What you said makes sense.”

Lu Chen twists his body to open a path for him. He points to the green mountain at the back and says, “You can follow this rock pavement by the stream, you will eventually reach the foot of the mountain. Then, there are around a dozen paths you can take up to the mountain. You can just pick any one of it.”

“A dozen paths?” The youth seems to be a little surprised.

Lu Chen smiles, “There are people growing Spirit Tea Leaves on the side of the mountain facing us. Since there are many people moving to and fro from the mountains, it is natural for there to be many paths.”

The youth come to a realisation and smiles, “No wonder it is called tea mountain. Thank you.” After saying those words, he proceeds forward.

Lu Chen watches the youth as he passes by him. Glancing at his back figure, he turns around and continues walking on. Then, a yell suddenly sounds from his back. It is the voice of the youth just a moment ago, “That big brother over there, can you halt for a moment?”

“Hmm, just this short moment and I turned from a brother to a big brother?” Lu Chen turns around. He isn’t really turned off by his address. Rather, he looks curiously at the youth who runs over from the distant on the bluestone pavement. He smiles, “What’s wrong?”
TL: One is more for addressing strangers while the other one is for addressing close buddies.

A look of apology appears on the youth’s face. After running over, before he even speaks, he cups his hand as a gesture of respect towards Lu Chen.

Lu Chen shakes his head, “You don’t have to be so formal. Judging from how polite you have been, could you be a disciple from Kunlun Sect?”

The youth is shocked. He subconsciously takes a step back and asks, “How could you tell…”

This time, it is Lu Chen’s turn to stun. He asks the youth with a look of surprise: “Could you really be from Kunlun Sect?”

The youth ponders for a moment. He seems a little hesitant but he nods his head eventually as he says, “I am a Hong Chuan, a disciple from Kunlun Sect. May I ask what is brother’s name? Also, how could you tell my origins?”

Lu Chen frowns and smiles bitterly, “I really guessed randomly.”

Kunlun Sect is quite a famous sect in the divine center continent and could be considered as one of the larger sects in the world of cultivators. There are two reasons for the fame of this sect. Firstly, it would be its long history. From the establishment of the Immortal Alliance comprising countless sects from 3000 years ago, there have been the rise and fall of many innumerable sects. There are only two sects remaining in the Immortal Alliance who have a history even longer than it. Kunlun Sect is one of the two. As for the second reason, due to its long history, there are many rules and regulations to this cultivator sect and they are exceptionally particular about formalities. Thus, the disciples from this sect, regardless of their cultivation, are exceptionally formal. The saying goes ‘When meeting someone, show 3 points of respect. When it comes to Kunlun disciples, it becomes 5 points, 7 points.”

That Hong Chuan seems to be quite self-aware of the uniqueness of his own sect. After hearing Lu Chen’s question, he chuckles and naturally cups his bow in a bow yet again, “May I enquire big brother’s respected name?”

Lu Chen waves his hand and smiles, “You are a disciple from a respected sect whereas I am just a barbarian from the village, so how can I be worthy for those two words. I am Lu Chen.”
TL: Two words -> Respected name

“Oh”, Hong Chuan replies, and he goes on to thank Lu Chen for the directions yet again.

His actions arouses a chuckle in Lu Chen as he says, “Why did you turn back, do you still have any questions?”

Hong Chuan nods his head, “That’s exactly so. Big brother Lu, I have just recalled something. The Flying Swallow Crag is something some other people told me. However, that person also passed by this location coincidentally many years back, so the names of the geography may not be the same as back then. So, I want to ask you if there is a location here with ‘Red-beaked Crimson Feather Swallows’ gather?”

“Red-beaked Crimson Feather Swallow?” Lu Chen ponders and replies, “I have never heard of such swallows. However, now that you’ve said it, a location comes to mind.”

Hong Chuan is overjoyed. He immediately presses on, “Could you tell me where the location is?”

Lu Chen ponders for a moment and responds, “The front half of the tea mountain comprise mainly tea gardens. The back mountain is slightly more steep and treacherous and it is split into two foothills, east and west. On the west foothill lies a lake whereas on the east, there’s is a rarely seen natural depression. When the sun starts to set and the sky turns yellow, a few thousand Rock Swallows will fly from the depression to hunt for food. They would turn the sky dark, there is really quite a swarm of them.”

At this point, Lu Chen pauses for a moment and continues, “That is probably the only place that is similar to what you described to me. However, the locals call that place ‘Mourning Ghost Chasm’, I have never really heard anyone call it Flying Swallow Crag.”

Hong Chuan’s face is filled with joy. He nods his head as he bows deeply to Lu Chen, saying, “I am very grateful to the guidance of big brother Lu.” After saying this, he thanks Lu Chen for an other three more times before turning around to leave with large steps.

Lu Chen smiles as he look at Hong Chuan moving hurriedly to the tea mountains. He ponders for a moment before continue moving on to the depths of the village. Not too long later, he returns back to the tavern.


At this moment, the tavern’s doors are wide open. It is clear that they are open for business. However, when Lu Chen takes a peek inside, he realises that the tavern is completely empty. There isn’t a single customer. The tavern’s business doesn’t seem to go going well.

He chuckles and walks in.

At this moment, Old Ma is sitting behind the counter with a dazed expression. Upon hearing footsteps, a look of joy appears on his face and he immediately asks, “Please take a seat. What alcohol would you like to…”

Before he could say ‘drink’, he sees Lu Chen’s face appearing before him. Old Ma’s face immediately sinks. He humphs and says, “Sit anywhere you want.”

Lu Chen smiles, “You sure are unreasonable. Am I not considered a customer? Ignoring how you don’t entertain me, are you reluctant to even give a smile?”

Old Ma smiles coldly, “If you are willing to foot the bill, I am willing to smile for the whole day for you.”

The youth ponders for a moment. He seems a little hesitant but he nods his head eventually as he says, “I am a Hong Chuan, a disciple from Kunlun Sect. May I ask what is brother’s name? How could you tell my origins?”
TL: Hong Chuan was really polite throughout the conversation, putting himself in a lower position.

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