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Chapter 9 – Old Tavern Friend

Tian Ying

Lu Chen burps as he touches his stomach, satisfied. He grins, “It tastes not bad, it was good eating it.”


Old Ma glances at him as he casually keeps the noodle bowl. He says calmly, “You went to look for Ding Dang again last night?”


Lu Chen lies on the wall as he crosses his leg casually. Tilting his face, he looks towards Old Ma and smiles, “Why? Are you interested in her as well?”


Old Ma humphs and replies, “Just a material woman, I am not interested.”


Lu Chen rolls his eyes and says, “A material woman is still a human. She just wants to have a good life, right? Besides, she isn’t the type of person who allows anyone to get on her bed. At the very least, she must be satisfied with the person.” After saying that, he glances at Old Ma and continues, “Looking at your fleshy body, Ding Dang probably isn’t interested in you.”


Old Ma cups his hand and says, “Thank you, thank you. I hope that the lady would never be interested in me.”


Lu Chen bursts into laughter as he reprimands jokingly, “You fellow, why are you so against an woman over nothing?”


The two men were speaking when the world outside the tavern starts to grow lively. As time passes, the warm sun finally rises above the pinnacle of the tea mountain and bathes this village which is at the foot of the tea mountain with its rays. This village also seem to have officially awoken and all kinds of sound starts to appear.


Lu Chen sits in the tavern while listening to these sounds for a moment before suddenly speaking, “These two days, the villagers seem to be much more busy than they are usually. Is it about time for the ‘Thousand Autumn Door’ to send someone down to collect rations and tea leaves?”


Old Ma ponders over it and replies, “It is around that time. It is the 6th day of the 3rd month. Another four more days, that is the 10th day of the 3rd month, the men of the Thousand Autumn Door would arrive.”


Lu Chen looks a little excited, “They are finally coming. If they come any later, the Spiritual Stones on me would have been spent finish.”


Old Ma laughs and a hint of contempt appears on his face.


In the current era, the art of cultivating flourishes in the Center Divine Continent. There are countless sects of cultivators. Many big and small families of cultivators occupy innumerable beautiful caves, land and mountains. They recruit widely for disciples as they tirelessly cultivate on the path of an immortal.


Originally, the Clear Stream Village is only a normal little village. However, hundred years ago, the South Pine Mountain ten miles away was occupied by someone and he founded his own sect, the Thousand Autumn Door. To date, it has become the most powerful sect in a 300 mile radius.


Precisely so, the Clear Stream Village which is just ten miles away became part of the sphere of influence of the Thousand Autumn Door. At the same time, as this is a path that one needs to cross to reach the South Pine Mountain, this village gradually became prosperous.


To men of the mortal world, the cultivators who cultivate in the path of an immortal is the same as a deity. Naturally, the Thousand Autumn Door which is the most powerful sect within 300 miles possesses the status similar to an emperor here.


At the same time, other than cultivating and training their own body and skills, they often require the aid of Spirit Medicine. In Clear Water Village, the water is clear, the ground is fertile and the air rich in Spiritual Energy. Thus, it is developed by the the Thousand Autumn Door as an important land of production — The plot in front of the village grows Spirit Grain whereas the plot at the back of the village grows Spirit Tea. On a fixed day and time at the start of every month, someone would come to collect the harvests as well as pay the farmers Spiritual Stones.


Lu Chen lies on the window of the tavern and looks at the scenery of the village which is gradually becoming more and more lively along with the faces of hope of those walking by. Suddenly, he turns back and to the tavern boss who, at some point, took out a gourd of wine, he says, “Old Ma, why exactly do these men work so hard to grow those things and try their hardest to save their fortunes?”


Old Ma replies calmly, “Aren’t you  spouting nonsense? Of the men outside, who doesn’t wish to become an immortal and live forever? The reason why they work so hard to accrue Spiritual Stones, isn’t it just so they can visit the ‘Immortal Discerning Mirror’ of the Thousand Autumn Door once to see if they have the talent to cultivate?”


Lu Chen pouts, “Isn’t the Thousand Autumn Door a little stingy? It is just an extremely normal discerning mean and yet they demand for a thousand Spiritual Stones from every single person who uses it. How many people were forced to their death because of it? I have personally seen quite a few people in this village who only succeeded in gathering a thousand Spiritual Stones when they are 50 to 60 years old. Then, heading to the Thousand Autumn Door, they spent their life savings just to look at the Immortal Discerning Mirror just to realise that they do not have the talent for cultivation. As for the rest, although it might be possible for them to cultivate, they ended up getting sent back due to their advanced age. In the end, some of them cried to the point of turning mad. Just like that, their entire lives are ruined.”


Old Ma shrugs and replies, “This method may not be a little underhanded but it is still barely acceptable. At the very least, it doesn’t look that bad on the surface. It is good enough that they do not force them to work as slaves.”


Lu Chen breaks into laughter as he stands up, “Such a rare sight, to think that you would speak up for this kind of unorthodox sects.”


Old Ma replies calmly, “On the ‘Ten Thousand Immortal Board’ promulgated by the ‘Immortal Alliance’, the Thousand Autumn Door is already considered a primary middle-tier sect, thus joining the ranks of the sects of cultivators under the Immortal Alliance, so they can no longer be considered as a small unorthodox sect.


“The heck!” Lu Chen is shocked that his eyes widen. He stares at Old Ma and continues, “It can’t be, I don’t think that this kind of trashy sect has the qualifications though?”


Old Ma pours himself a cup of wine and smiles in reply, “After sending 50000 Spiritual Stones to the ‘Kuangbo Zhenjun’ of the Immortal Alliance, they became sufficiently qualified.”


“Oh ho!” This time, Lu Chen is even more surprised. He assesses the slightly plump tavern boss in front of him from head to toe and reprimands jokingly, “Good fellow, it seems that you weren’t lazing off daily in the village like me. How can you still remain so well-informed?”


Old Ma smiles without saying anything. He raises his cup and downs it in one go. A mysterious you know it smile appears on his face.


Lu Chen looks away and scolds him, “Acting so sneaky, how many things are you hiding from me?”


Old Ma immediately shakes his head and says, “Nothing. It’s not like you don’t know my situation here…”


Before he could finish his sentence, the sound of an argument could be heard from the outside. It caused quite a stir, breaking the peaceful atmosphere of the village in the instant. It seems as though something big is about to happen.


Lu Chen and Old Ma frowns as they glance outside. After a brief moment, Lu Chen says, “It seems to be coming from the direction of where the village head is.”


Old Ma says, “You stay here, I will go take a look.”


Lu Chen shakes his head and replies, “Let’s go together.”


Old Ma wants to persuade him otherwise but looking at Lu Chen’s expression, he hesitates for a moment and decides against saying anything.


The two of them walk out of the tavern and heads to the village. On the way, they see quite a few villagers rushing in the same direction. There are looks of surprise and excitement on their face, as though they have heard of some special news.

“Just a material woman, I am not interested.”
TL: If I were to simplify further, material woman -> prostitute. But, the author uses less strong words so I followed suit, albeit it not being very appropriate. But, it fits the tone.

“Kuangbo Zhenjun”
TL: It is a title of a person.
Kuangbo -> Extensive. Probably refers to his knowledge. Should be an intelligent man.Zhenjun -> Has the idea of a lord or a mister.
So, probably Mister Extensive or Lord Extensive? But, no way man. There is no way I will put that in so I will keep Kuangbo Zhenjun first.

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