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Chapter 7 – Dreamlike Moment

Tian Ying

Despite being shrouded in the fearsome and vigorous black flames, Hei Lang, for some reason, didn’t fall down. He roars, he wails, yet his body remains upright as he walks a step after another to the entrance of the valley.


His blood and flesh looks as though they were burning and melting. The flames has reached his soul, causing his mind to become blank and lost. Even so, this man experiencing a living hell walks a step after another forward.


Outside the valley, the sound of fighting could be heard. It seems that a fierce battle is going on.


Not too long later, when he is finally approaching the entrance of the valley, a silhouette flashes across the hill in front of him. The beautiful woman who comes flying towards him is Yun Xiao Qing. She takes a look at Hei Lang and her face immediately loses her color. She pounces over and exclaims, “Hei Lang, Hei Lang! You, you, what happened…”


At this moment, Hei Lang’s eyes have already lost their focus, as though the severe pain has eroded his senses. Maybe it is because he is at a loss, or perhaps it is an instinct of his, he leans towards Yun Xiao Qing.


Frightened, Yun Xiao Qing shouts. Her hands open up to support him, but suddenly, Hei Lang lifts his right hand and the black dagger which he holds firmly in his hands stabs through her chest.


Yun Xiao Qing’s voice comes to a halt. Disbelief shows on her beautiful face and she stares at the man who is being burnt by black flames. Her mouth opens and close for a few times, but no voice came out. Then, facing the sky, she falls to the ground.


Her beautiful eyes widen, unwilling to believe what she just saw. The blood from her chest scatters outwards, dyeing the ground beside her the color of the red acacia flower.


In another short moment, a white shadow appears. It is Yun Jian rushing in from the exterior of the valley. He shouts, “There are strong enemies attacking us, there are a lot of them and they are very strong. Father… Ah! What happened! Hei Lang, what happened to you?”


Hei Lang leans towards him. At this moment, Yun Jian could clearly see his charred body scorched by black flames and the fearsome sight where blood and flesh meshes with one another. For an instant, he stares dumbfounded, unable to believe what he is seeing. Suddenly, he sees a black dagger appearing in front of him. Under the terrifying light of the flames, the dagger impales his chest.


The two bodies suddenly embraces one another tightly.


Fresh blood spurts out. Yun Jian’s body went stiff with an incredulous look. Even though the terrifying black flames continues to burn, it didn’t sear Yun Jian’s body in the least. It seems as though it will only continue burning on Hei Lang’s flesh and blood for an eternity.


The burning fresh blood dyes Hei Lang’s body red, turning him into a blood man from head to toe. Along with the appalling black flames on him, in this instant, Hei Lang looks like a demon from hell.


Yun Jian clutches his chest and falls over weakly. Before his death, he suddenly catches sight of Yun Xiao Qing who is lying at a distance not too far away. He seems to have been provoked by something and reveals a look of incredulity to Hei Lang. He roars furiously, “You… You even killed her…”


Before he could finish his words, that life-robbing black sword flies towards him in the darkness. Sou, it cuts across his throat mercilessly, suppressing Yun Jian’s voice back into his throat. Yun Jian slowly lowers his head, shaking it with all his might before he falls over in death.


The black dagger is withdrawn, stained in the desolate color of red.


Hei Lang looks towards the dark heavens and releases yet another howl of agony. The pain seems to have destroyed his final thread of sanity. But, for some unknown reason, he didn’t stop his footsteps. He continues to walk forward like a demon and staggers forward in this dark valley. He gradually blends into the darkness and disappears from view.


In the footsteps that he left behind, a puddle of fresh blood could be seen in every step of his. In the darkness of the night, under the illumination of the wild flames, only the bright bright red acacia flowers tremble at the wind.


The black flames continue to burn furiously, burning down every single thing. The entire world turns dark and the only thing that seems to exist is that frenzied howl and the unbearable sight of flesh and blood being burnt dry.




After a shout, Lu Chen awakes from his dream suddenly. He sits up, panting with heavy breaths. The beads of perspiration on his forehead trickles down. The thin blanket that was covering his body slides down, revealing his slim but powerful upper body. He didn’t pay it any attention and continues to gasp for air as he stares at the foreign-looking bed in front of him.


There is dim light outside the windows as the day approaches dawn.


At this moment, by his side, a white tender arm stretches over and wipes the beads of perspiration off his forehead. A gentle voice sounds out, “Why, another nightmare?”


Lu Chen turns around and sees a beautiful woman lying beneath the same thin blanket. Despite a night of sleep, she still seems to be slightly exhausted and there is a slight trace of lethargy on her. Her hair is like the clouds, scattered over her white smooth shoulders. The thin blanket covers her breasts, revealing only an attractive and bountiful contour.


Lu Chen shakes his head, replying, “Nothing much.”


The white jade-like fingers of the lady touches Lu Chen’s face lightly, caressing the skin from his temple to his chin and to his shoulders, bringing out a striking contrast between his powerful body and her slender fingers. Her voice, at this moment, at daybreak, possesses a dream-like quality that feels like one hasn’t fully waken from their dream yet, fleeting and gentle. She says, “You, really like to act tough. It is still early, so why don’t you…”


Lu Chen suddenly turns around to look at her and smiles, “Ding Dang, I only have a piece of Spiritual Stone left on me today.”


The woman suddenly stuns and she lifts her head to gaze at Lu Chen.


Lu Chen continues to chuckle happily, his laughter gentle and sincere.


Abruptly, the thin blanket covering Ding Dang moves as she kicks Lu Chen forcefully under it, revealing a portion of her snow white skin. Then, her willow-like brows frown as she spouts hatefully, “Smelly man, you only know how to speak nonsense. Why don’t you get lost!”


Lu Chen laughs heartily as he jumps off the bed. Then, he searches for his own shirt and pants from the messy pile of clothes on the floor and puts them on with deft hands. Then, he casually grabs the pile of dudou and robe towards Ding Dang, who is still slacking on the bed and smiles, “Wake up, wake up. I say, will you stop being so lazy? I think the weather isn’t bad today. Under such glorious morning light, why don’t we go for a walk outside?”


“Pi! It is still early in the morning, why the heck would I go out for a walk? The ones outside right now are probably those fools who work hard for an entire month just to earn a few pieces of Spiritual Stone.” Ding Dang wraps herself tightly with the thin blanket, revealing only her beautiful face as she replies snappily.

Fallen God Curse -> Will be reflected as God Descension Incantation (Has the exact same meaning but different tone, sounds more appropriate right :D)

Lu Chen -> Literally means dust on the ground. It is a very humble name. (Pronounced as Lueue Chen, it is the hanyupinyin with 2 dots above the u)

dudou (肚兜) -> Some kind of underwear in the past. This. If you watch Chinese historical shows, that is what women always wear.

Robe (罗裙) -> While I say robe, it actually refers to something like a kimono but different. This.

Pi! -> Imagine the action of spitting on the floor in disdain (though you don’t actually spit)

Ding Dang addresses herself as 本姑娘 (this lady), which adds a haughty tone to her words.

Anyway, if you all didn’t notice, (I didn’t as well) the reason why he keeps using seems and as though is because he is interpreting the dream. Woah, mind blown.

At any case, I have to focus on my other project alr. My stockpile of translations (yet to be edited) is running out so I will have to put this on hold temporarily.

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