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Chapter 6 – Incinerated by Black Flames

Tian Ying

“Wu…” That is a peculiar sound. It feels like some ancient calling, as though a music piece from the ancient era is echoing from somewhere. A ray of light that doesn’t seem to belong to this world shoots out from the Black Door and descends along the pillar of flame. Then, it splits into four and falls directly onto the head of the four casting the spell.


An indescribable powerful strength gushes down from the heavens and enters the body of the four. Their body start to change rapidly as the clothes on them starts to break apart, seemingly unable to withstand the overwhelmingly powerful Spiritual Energy.


However, a look of intense pleasure appears on the face of the four. They grind their teeth to bear with the pain. Yet, at the same time, they can feel the wild Spiritual Energy in their powers heading towards the the energy limits that they find it hard to imagine on other days and breaking through it. That sensation feels as though they are ascending to the pinnacle with just a single move, as though they are evolving into a presence between gods and men.


Perhaps, they could become gods in the next instant!


In the flames, the Black Door in the sky feels like it is about to approach. The ancient figure that feels like it is one of the gods is about to appear. Everything is in the final stages. Yet, it seems that they are just lacking that one final step, that one final bit of distance. That door has still yet to open.


It seems as though they were simply lacking that last bit of power!


Yun Shou Yang roars, “Hei Lang!”


His peripheral vision suddenly blurs. In a split instant, he can see that the area beside him is completely empty. The reticent but determined black-clothed man who was guarding by his side suddenly disappeared!


Yun Shou Yang is astonished. But, before he could react, before any thoughts could form in his head, he suddenly felt a chilling sensation from his back. A black dagger has stabbed through his heart, the tip protruding from his chest.


A pale white hand quickly grabs Yun Shou Yang’s shoulders from the back. That black-clothed youth sticks closely to his back without any expression on his face. Then, with his other hand grabbing the sharp black knife, he quickly pulls out the knife from Yun Shou Yang’s back.


Yun Shou Yang howls. His body wanted to react but he is shocked to realise that he is unable to move in the slightest. While the powerful energy that is being pumped into his Spiritual Sea grants him unparalleled Spiritual Energy, but at the same time, it causes the veins of his entire body to swell up, resulting in him temporarily losing control over his body.


Other than Yun Yang Shou, the remaining three are also in the same condition. At this moment, the other three are looking over with a shocked expression in their eyes as they witness Hei Lang suddenly going on a rampage. But, at this moment, none of them are able to react whatsoever.


In the core of this incomparably powerful energy formation that contains power from the ancient past to the present, the one controlling the situation in this moment is the weakest black-clothed youth.


Hei Lang grabs the handle of his dagger firmly as he withdraws the sword from Yun Shou Yang’s chest. At the same time, a massive flow of blood spurts out like a rapid stream, instantly spraying on over half of his body.


That is the fresh blood forced out by the God Spiritual Energy which was infused into his body from the heavens. The moment an opening appears, the strong pressure seems to want to force everything out from it.


Beads of blood also splatters on Hei Lang’s face, but he isn’t bothered by it in the slightest. He coldly looks at the sight in front of him and without a word, he stabs the black dagger into Yun Shou Yang’s flesh again.


A stab, a stab and yet another stab… He viciously and determinedly turned Yun Shou Yang’s chest into a pit where flesh and blood couldn’t be differentiated from one another. After the 13th stab, the arrogant and mighty Yun Shou Yang finally loses the final sliver of his vitality in despair. His head slumps downwards as he dies with his eyes wide open.


Soon afterwards, Hei Lang seems to sense something. He looks up towards the heavens and starts to tremble uncontrollably. After hearing a roar from the Black Door that shakes even the heavens, he casually throws aside the lifeless body of Yun Shou Yang.


The god pillar of light that was infusing energy into Yun Shou Yang’s body suddenly explodes, turning into countless beautiful fragmented pieces in the dark night sky. The originally balanced fire pillar and Black Door starts to tremble frenziedly in this instant. As the formation lost its light, the god pillars which were infusing energy to the other three turns brighter and brighter and their aura turned stronger and stronger.


A crazed roar echoes from the Black Door and below it, everything is turning crazier and crazier.


The three elders look on in despair as the formation which has lost its balance start to fall apart. More and more god energy seems to rush towards them uncontrollably. In the intense whistling of the night gale, their bodies seem to gradually inflate like a balloon. Then, flame engulfs them, burning every single corner of their body. In the end, three deafening sound of explosions could be heard!


“Boom! Boom! Boom!”


The three bodies explode, turning into a rain of blood. Their bodies are reduced to ashes, which disappears into the night sky and the violent flame.


Almost at the same time as when the body of the Fire Shaman exploded, a formless energy seems to have been activated from somewhere. The 7 incomparably powerful Shaman Barbarians he brought were roaring and rushing over, when all them suddenly falls over concurrently. Falling heavily on the burning ground, it seems as though the final thread sustaining their lives suddenly snaps, taking their lives away along with it.


The Black Door in the sky bellows in misery for one last time. After a tremor that engulfs the heavens and earth, it closes rapidly before disappearing into the dark sky. On the surface, fire are creeping in all directions, illuminating this barren valley for hundreds over hundreds of meters. Hei Lang dashes towards the depths of the flames and grabs the white bone which the mysterious seed is entrenched in.


On touch, the white bones is reduced to ashes and falls to the ground. The green seed falls into Hei Lang’s hands. The seed actually still retains its previous might and isn’t damaged in the slightest.


Then, at this moment, Hei Lang’s body shivers. Then, he releases a wretched shout of agony.




His mournful voice diffuses into the far-away distance. It resembles the desperate screams of a wild beast. Then, bundle after bundle of black flames suddenly emerges from his body and starts to burn furiously.


What is queer is that despite the black flames incinerating his flesh and blood, the clothes on Hei Lang remains completely intact.


Hei Lang feels as though he is in hell as he roars towards the sky continuously. The flesh and blood of his entire body is burnt by the black flames. His skins start to crack and his flesh is exposed. Fresh blood flows out from his wounds and quickly dries as well. Vaguely, a brilliant silhouette appears in the Spiritual Sea in his abdomen. But, the fearsome black flames actually incinerates this silhouettes along with him, causing it to disintegrate and disappear into the shadow.


Hei Lang’s everything, even his soul, seems to boil and crack under the black flame and fragments…

Ok so it turns out he is not the main character… Ahem. I feel like I got scammed of my 5 chapters of work. But it is a nice story, everyone dies in the end. I like it.

I think I’m getting lazy, I normally try to stick as close to the author’s style of writing but recently, I’ve been paraphrasing the sentence :X Though only for some which are hard to interpret.

“His head slumps downwards as he dies with his eyes wide open.”
Dying with eyes wide open’ is an actual idiom in Chinese, it means that someone died with regrets and resentment etc, anything but peaceful. In this case, he used it quite superbly to describe it literally and _____.

“After hearing a roar from the Black Door that shakes even the heavens, he casually threw aside the lifeless body of Yun Shou Yang.”
I know this part sounds weird, I really don’t get what the author is saying too. Personally, I think it makes more logic sentence structurally (no such word I know) for Hei Lang to be howling towards the Black Door.

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