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Chapter 5 – Curse of Black Flames

Tian Ying

That seems to be a voice from the primeval era, echoing in the distant past and travelling across time to return back to this world. With a mystical and bizarre power, a short moment later, the eyes of the old Barbarian starts to bleed.

Black blood!

He uses his hands to bring the spark of fire to his face. At this moment, his peculiar looking face looks demonic and sinister, incomparably ferocious and absolutely frightening. The spark of fire starts to twist about frenziedly, as though it has obtained some kind of power. The two trails of black bloodstain rapidly dries as the black blood floats up and melts into the fire.

That spark of fire turns black.

That is a ball of black flames!

Everything quietens down. The ancient curse is chanted through the mouth of the Fire Shaman. Under his guidance, Hei Lang speaks his vows sentence by sentence towards the bundle of black flames, swearing to not tamper with the God Descension Incantation ritual tonight and to give his all for the ritual. If he were to break his promise, he would suffer the pain from being consumed by the Black Flame.

Following Hei Lang’s vows, the black flame gradually sways towards his face and finally, disappears without a sound or trace into his forehead, melding into his flesh and blood through some bizarre means.

When everything finally ended, the Fire Shaman gestures with his hands. Hei Lang stands up quietly and moves to the other end of the bonfire.

Yun Shou Yang nods towards his disciple and pats on his shoulders. When his hands are placed on Hei Lang’s shoulders, he could feel that this esteemed elder is slightly different from how he usually is, as well as that slight pressure from the pat.

He lifts his head to look towards Yun Shou Yang, nodding his head slightly. Then, he went back to his usual reticent self. Doting affection fills Yun Shou Yang’s eyes and he thinks in his mind that if he isn’t wrong about Hei Lang, he should have no worries handing Xiao Qing over to him in the future.

The cold atmosphere seems to disperse after that bizarre curse, easing up all of a sudden. A hint of smile could even be seen on the face of the cold Fire Shaman.

Very quickly, after they finished their final discussion, the important God Descension Incantation is about to begin.

Hei Lang kneels quietly on the floor, the words of those who finally lowered their guards around him echoes by his ear. He suddenly catches sight of the acacia flower once again, then again, in the further lands, in the further ground. It seems that in this valley many fresh red flowers have bloomed in midst of the wild grasses that could be seen all around.

The red acacia flowers sways along with the night breeze, just like a woman singing in the dark, beautiful and seductive.


The night sky remains as deep and quiet, the slow night seems as though it will continue perpetually in this darkness, until that speck of light suddenly appears from the depths of the darkness.

The blinding radiance looks just like sun rising suddenly in the night, illuminating far and wide, becoming a giant ball of flames that burn intensely. Soon after, all of the flames gather in a grand pillar that shoots up into the heavens, piercing through the thick ominous clouds.

In that instant, a fierce gale works up and the clouds churns. The heaven and earth tremors as a fearsome aura emits gradually from the heavens.

In the barren valley, where the giant fireball is exuding its brilliance, the three elders of the Three Realm Divine Sect and the Fire Shaman who were by the bonfire takes on four different directions and extends their hand into the inferno burning in the center.

At this instant, on the ground below them, for a radius of more than 300 meters, countless patterns of fire light forms a gigantic and mysterious formation.

All living beings seem to be expelled from this powerful formation by an intangible force, including the seven powerful Barbarian bodyguards that the Fire Shaman brought along. The only who remains in the core of the formation other than the four highly-cultivated powerful figures is Hei Lang.

In this instant, the inferno has turned completely white. It is not difficult to imagine the extent the temperature within the pillar has soared to. A white bone necklace floats in the deepest core of the flames. Under the immeasurable heat of the flames, the necklace breaks apart and all of the white bones are reduced to ashes. Only the largest piece of white bone whose origin is unknown is able to maintain itself. However, looking at the slight cracks that are appearing on it, it seems to be nearing its limits.

In the center of that white bone, that mystical ‘seed’ seems to be unaffected by the flames whatsoever. It continues to emit a blue-green radiance of powerful vitality. In fact, it seems to possess even more vitality than it did before.

It seems to be steadily absorbing the power of the flames and at the same time, a large quantity of flames that passed through the seed and shot into the night sky, seems to be dyed in some unique aura. It seems to be vaguely summoning something from the endless skies.

An ancient curse suddenly sounds out and the four incomparably powerful men lifts their heads to look towards the heavens concurrently. At the same moment, the fearsome aura from the skies falls upon this valley.

Hei Lang senses something and looks towards the sky as well. He is shocked to see that among the ominous clouds in the heavens, a gigantic dark crack is gradually opening. From the incomparably deep darkness that seems like an endless abyss, a peculiar gaze seems to be directed towards them.

The crack slowly descends.

The entire barren valley starts to shake and the sounds of the tremor diffuses from the depths of the earth. At the same time, the formation on the surrounding ground starts to flicker rapidly in quick intervals, emitting a powerful strength to suppress the land. However, under the overwhelming power coming from the heavens, the formation seems to be quickly nearing its limits.

Shrouded in radiance, Yun Shou Yang abruptly shouts, “Release!”

Without any hesitation, Hei Lang stretches his hand out to pick up the black dagger. With a flick of his arm, a mysterious blood light flashes for an instant on his body. The small blood amber soars from the sword until it disappears into the inferno. It lands on the green seed with precise accuracy.


A loud explosion causes the Blood Soul Crystal to be reduced to nothingness. The flames brighten by 30% and the surrounding temperature skyrockets. A few cracks even appear on the ground due to the overwhelming heat.

Perhaps due to the attraction created by this overwhelming force, the dark crack in the sky swiftly descends. The Black Door gradually grows larger and larger until it is on the verge of opening completely.

An ancient aura dissipates from the depths of the Black Door. A colossal figure similar to the tall mountains and alps, seeming as though it rules over everything, appears behind the Black Door and approaches this world.

That indistinct gaze seems to be focused on the mysterious seed, as though the ‘seed’ with overflowing vitality is the most attractive object in this world.

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