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Tian Ying (TY)

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In Chinese traditional culture,the world is made up by Yin(earth) and Yang(heaven). The there are five five elements (“WuXing”) on earth,and The five elements are: Wood (木), Fire (火), Earth (土), Metal (金), Water (水).

In the Chinese ancient times, there are lives a lot of Life in Nature,including People in the erarth ,Gods in the Heaven, and Devil in the hell. There are a series of stories going on as well as the time flying.
Where there is light there is darkness, in the sunshine, there is a shadow named “Silencio” doing and forwording on something…

The “Silencio” who control the “Fuyun immorta Company l” ,now living in a lonesome mountain village as well as the Dark Force is finding him for years .Now it seems that the Dack Force find some traces ,which compel Silencio to rove aroud the world again.

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