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Chapter 490 – Complete Fusion

Stellar Transformations

The gray mist started to permeate out from the twenty thousand miles circumference blood cloud. They continued to coalesce, the thickness of the gray mist continued to increase while the size started to become smaller and smaller. From the original twenty thousand miles, it had decreased to roughly ten miles in circumference.

However, the gray mist had now turned dreadfully dense. One could not even see through it.


The world was rumbling. The planet on which Qin Yu and his brothers were undergoing their Divine Tribulation was trembling. The three-man Divine Tribulation had turned into a four-man one. The might of the Divine Tribulation had increased by several times. Even the planet had become unable to resist that sort of oppressive power.

Within the gray mist were numerous water-tank sized dragons formed by Black Divine Lightning rolling about. That sort of oppressive might had caused all the Qin clansmen who were watching the Divine Tribulation from afar to tremble in their hearts.

“Yu’er.” Qin De clenched his fists tightly. His finger joints had even turned pale from the excessive clenching. Traces of blood had started to flow from his fingernails. However, Qin De was still unable to take his eyes off Qin Yu within the Divine Tribulation Area.

Silence. Everyone had grown silent.


Everyone held their breath as they continued looking at Qin Yu and his brothers inside the Divine Tribulation Area.

The three-man Divine Tribulation had instantly increased to a four-man Divine Tribulation. The current Third Great Divine Tribulation was much much stronger than the one that Qin Yu had originally anticipated. Would Qin Yu still be able to take it on?

“Master, are you really not going to use the Divine Spear Waning Snow? Are you really planning to conceal all your treasures when taking on the four-man Divine Tribulation?” Uncle Fu mumbled in his heart.

If Qin Yu weren’t trying to conceal his strength, it would be very easy for him to take on this four people Divine Tribulation.

However, Qin Yu still remembered what Granny Yin Hua had advised him back then. Thus, what else could he do?

Qin Yu’s Divine Awareness was able to clearly discover that within the extremely thick and condensed gray mist, the numerous dragon shaped Black Divine Lightning bolts were unceasingly ramming into each other, unceasingly coming together. Originally, there were several hundred dragon shaped Divine Lightning bolts. However, following the collisions and convergence, they combined and turned into a completely new type of Divine Lightning.

Following the elapse of time, the amount of lightning continued to decrease. The several hundred dragon shaped Divine Lightning bolts, had, after a short moment of time had passed, actually transformed into four new Divine Lightning bolts.

These four Divine Lightning bolts’ appearance was like that of a sharp sword. Furthermore, these four Divine Lightning swords were flickering unceasingly. The electric sparks they gave off were even ripping apart the space unceasingly.

“So this is how it is.” When Qin Yu’s Divine Awareness clearly saw the change that appeared before him, he came to realize what had happened. “The final four Divine Lightning bolts, that were formed after the gathering of the Divine Lightnings are probably the Divine Lightning bolts for the four people that are undergoing the Divine Tribulation.”

Hou Fei and Hei Yu’s hearts were feeling heavy. The pressure brought about by that ten mile circumference thick gray mist was too immense for them.

“Big brother, let’s take it on together!” Said Hei Yu coldly. However, his voice contained within it his worries.

“Big brother, the Mystic Emperor rushed in here before her death. This Divine Tribulation ought to be different from the one that you had anticipated. Its might is too powerful. Let’s take it on together.” Hou Fei was so worried that his right hand that held the Black Stick was trembling.

Qin Yu, however, still had his head raised and was still looking at that huge lump of gray mist in the sky. He did not answer Hei Yu or Hou Fei at all.

“It’s about to descend.” Qin Yu suddenly muttered.

“Xiao Hei, Fei Fei, stand by me. Do not exceed a distance of ten feet from me.” Said Qin Yu to Hou Fei and Hei Yu with a smile. “Rest assured, I am still confident in taking on this four people Divine Tribulation.”

Seeing Qin Yu like this, Hou Fei and Hei Yu looked to each other. They could only trust and listen to Qin Yu.

“Big brother, if you cannot block it, do not force yourself.” Said Hei Yu via Demon Awareness Voice Transmission.

Qin Yu looked to Hei Yu and nodded with a smile.

“The Third Great Divine Tribulation is here.” Qin Yu’s expression suddenly grew solemn. The enormous lump of gray mist that had been floating in the sky the entire time had started to fall. The speed at which this lump of gray mist fell was not very fast at all.

In about ten breaths time, this lump of gray mist had completely arrived at Qin Yu and his brother’s location.

“Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl, Grandmist Spiritual Treasure… allow me to experience your strongest strength today.” Qin Yu clenched his first. After that, he violently opened his arms. With a loud and clear voice, he shouted, “Gold Force; Rise!”

With Qin Yu as the center, a clear golden membrane of light started to expand unceasingly in all directions.

The range of the golden membrane of light was endlessly increasing. From a radius of three meters, it increased to five meters, six meters, seven meters…. ten meters!

A ten meters radius huge half-sphere shaped golden membrane of light had formed. The gray mist and the four sword shaped Divine Lightning bolts were actually unable to break through the golden membrane of light!

“Big brother…” Hou Fei and Hei Yu were drumbstruck.

“Royal Father, do not worry. Little Yu will definitely be fine.” Qin Feng held his Royal Father’s hand. At this moment, Qin De’s hands were clenched into fists. Tight and cold fists.

Qin De looked to the gray mist in the distant.

“I can’t see what’s happening inside at all!” Qin De’s heart was filled with worry.

With his Immortal Awareness, he was unable to penetrate through the Heart’s Devil Mist. It was impossible for him to see what was happening in the gray mist at all. Not only him… almost everyone present was worried.

“Crack, Pop, Bang…”

A cracking sound was heard from within.

“Golden light, it’s golden light.” Qin Feng’s eyes suddenly lit up.

The Qin clan, over a thousand members, were able to clearly see the rays of golden light. Like sharp sword, those golden lights penetrated through the gray mist. The dense gray mist were also split apart by the golden lights.

“How, how could master be this powerful?” Uncle Fu was puzzled. “That shouldn’t be possible.”

Uncle Fu was unable to understand. The other people were also filled with confusion. However, the current Qin Yu was completely free of worries.

“Haha… Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl, the power of this Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl, after having finished completely binding it, is indeed powerful enough.” Surrounding Qin Yu, numerous rays of Divine Awareness were bursting all over. Qin Yu was using his soul’s power to frantically attack those Heart’s Devils.

The numerous Heart’s Devils that the Heart’s Devil Mist birthed were similar to soul’s power. If one were to use his eyes to inspect, they would be unable to detect those Heart’s Devils at all. One could only use their soul’s power to find them, defend against them and attack them!

For a Divine Tribulation of a single person, the regular type of Heart’s Devil was already enough to deal a great shock to a level nine Immortal Emperor’s soul. As for this four-man Divine Tribulation, the effect of the Heart’s Devils had also increased by several tens of times. However, Qin Yu’s soul was more than several tens of times stronger than ordinary level nine Immortal Emperors.


Under the attack from an extremely sharp and powerful Divine Awareness, all of those Heart’s Devils were swept to nothing.

“What sort of power is big brother using that’s this powerful? Even the Divine Lightning is unable to break through his defensive barrier.” Hou Fei looked at what was occurring before him with a stupefied expression. He was unable to refrain from looking to Hei Yu beside him and asking him.

Hei Yu shook his head. “I also don’t know.”

This secret, other than Qin Yu, there were no other person that knew about it.

“In these past tens of years, I merely allowed the ‘Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl’ to absorb a trace of, no, a bit more than half a trace of the ‘flour paste energy’ from the Stellar Space. After spending twenty years time, I managed to completely bind the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl. I reckon that I am the only Gold Punishment Lord in the entire history of Gold Punishment Lords that managed to completely fuse with the ‘Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl.’”

Qin Yu snickered in his mind.

It had been roughly ninety years now, since Qin Yu had returned to the Qin Clan. In these ninety years, Qin Yu merely spent a little amount of time and managed to completely bind the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl. This idea had come to him after his experience with the Refining Flame Wristband.

“This ‘flour paste energy’ is indeed peculiar. The Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl merely absorbed such a tiny amount of it, yet it let me completely and successfully fuse with it it. What might the next stage of the Origin that has been absorbing the flour paste energy constantly ever since i reached the Origin Realm be?”

Although he was undergoing the Divine Tribulation, Qin Yu was actually relaxed enough to think about other things than the Divine Tribulation.

“However, my estimation last time was wrong. This Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl, after having completely bound it, its strength is no weaker than the Divine Spear Waning Snow.” Qin Yu looked at the four sword shaped Divine Lightning bolts, they were unceasingly bombarding the golden defensive membrane. However, they were unable to break through at all.

After the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl was completely bound and fused, the energy that Qin Yu used was actually a greatly powered up Gold Force. The energy from this power up mostly originated from the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl. The Gold Force resulting from this power up was at least a hundred times stronger than an eighteen star Emperor’s Gold Force.

“Break for me!”

Qin Yu suddenly shouted loudly. The radiance of that ten meters radius large golden membrane had greatly increased in a flash. Frantically, the light spread to all directions. The area of the golden membrane had increased from ten meters to several thousand meters….

Wherever the golden membrane went, the gray colored mist was dissipated. In an instant, the Heart’s Devil Mist within the Divine Tribulation Area had completely dissipated. All of the Qin clansmen who were watching the Divine Tribulation could now clearly see what was happening in the Divine Tribulation Area.

Following the rapid increase of the golden light membrane’s size, the energy had naturally been distributed to the entire membrane, causing it to become vulnerable to attacks concentrated at a single point. The four Black Divine Lightning swords, that had already had their might decreased, finally managed to pierce through the golden membrane. After piercing through the golden membrane of light, the four Black Divine Lightning swords instantly shot towards Qin Yu.

“The most useful aspect of the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl is not its long-distance attack. Rather, it is its ability to increase the toughness of the body and increasing one’s might in close distance combat.” Qin Yu smiled. With a movement of his body.

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”

Following four continuous sharp echos, the four sword shaped Divine Lightning bolts, that had already been weakened notably, when matched against Qin Yu’s fist, were all shattered with a single fist strike.

Qin Yu raised his head up to look at the sky.

That twenty thousand miles long blood cloud was dissipating. At the same time, the rolling borderless black clouds were also dissipating.

Evidently… the Divine Tribulation had passed!

“Big brother.”

Excited smiles immediately appeared on Hou Fei and Hei Yu’s faces.

And because of the fact that the Heart’s Devil Mist was dissipated, Qin Den, Qin Feng and the rest of them who managed to see Qin Yu shattering the four Divine Lightning Swords deeply breathed a sigh of relief. In the process of the Divine Tribulation, they had been on the edge for a very long time.

“Big brother, when did your strength increase by this much?” Hou Fei asked excitedly.

Qin Yu understood in his heart.

That his strength’s increase was actually because of his complete fusion with the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl. The completed Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl had caused his body’s toughness to increase by an unknown magnitude. Even his Gold Force had increased by a hundredfold. It was likely that his Gold Force had become even stronger than ordinary Divine Energy.

“Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, it is truly deserving of the title of Grandmist Spiritual Treasure indeed. After completely binding it, its effect is more than ten times as strong as before i let the pearl absorb the flour paste energy of my Stellar Space.” Qin Yu grew fond of this Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl.

The Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl was a Gold Attribute Spiritual Treasure.

For it to be able to increase his body’s toughness and his strength by so much, Qin Yu naturally liked it. However, was he able to bring the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl to the Divine Realm?

If he were to bring it, he’d be met with a large number of enemies. Especially that mysterious person who had given the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl to the Dark Star Realm.

“Cannot be greedy, I cannot be greedy. There are still a couple Grandmist Spiritual Treasures that I have yet to bind. How can I possibly be greedy for the Dark Star Realm’s Clan Protection Treasure?” Qin Yu forcibly held down his greed. However, the current Qin Yu didn’t know that…. what he had done earlier had already caused the experts from the Divine Realm to take note of him.

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