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Chapter 19 – “Match” King of Debate

Battle Frenzy

Haha, boss, are you kidding right now? How could that bear’s defense be so fragile?”

Laura stopped speaking and let both Anlor and Arnold Teuton watch the whole fight. Both of the combatants possessed overall combat capabilities within normal boundaries and each had their own special point that could be considered above average. Both utilized feints and counters which were both considerably fundamental. Although the soul power of All-Mouthy King was quite weak, his power distribution was very precise, allowing him to make use of his strong point – parrying and then attacking his opponent’s weak spots.

Bluntly speaking, it all came down to opportunities. No matter how agile an assassin was, it all ended with one risking their life to land a killing blow.

When he observed the shockwave clap by Juan, Teuton felt a hint of interest. It had resembled the skillful deflection technique. That final punch, however, had brother Teuton staring at the monitor in disbelief.

What the hell was this?

Laura gave a wide grin and looked at Anlor. She felt Anlor should be able to decipher the special move that displayed such shockingly high killing power. Although she herself had pondered over it for quite a long time, she was unable to properly determine the presence of a hidden ability. Abilities required practice in order to be properly displayed, yet All-Mouthy King showed no signs of that.

“Slow down the frame-rate…” Anlor suddenly said.

However, there was a limit to how much one could slow a playback, and it just ended up as an blurry image. Still, Anlor’s face turned incredibly grim as he sucked in a deep breath.

“It might be… Oscillating Fist…”

“Oscillating Fist, what’s that…” said Arnold Teuton with a smile. “Wait, what? Oscillating Fist!?”

A shudder ran through Laura. “Are you telling me that explosive and high damage killing blow relied on high frequency oscillations of soul power?”

Anlor nodded, then followed with a shake of his head. “Since I don’t have first hand experience, I’m unable to properly confirm it. Yet from the looks of it, the injury was most likely caused by the first rate high frequency battle technique, Oscillating Fist.”

“That’s extremely unlikely. The skill itself is double-edged blade. It’s not possible to display that if one lacks a suitably powerful body and good control over one’s soul power.”

“The soul power displayed here was roughly 200 grassos. It’s a level impossible for Juan to block. If I could only experience it for myself, how great would that be…” Anlor’s eyes sparkled in anticipation.

Arnold Teuton looked at the terrifying depression on Juan’s chest and shuddered. “You’re all perverts, masochists!”


The requirement for all high level battle techniques included a strong body and precise control over one’s soul power. One would also need to have a considerable amount of soul power and the ability to compressive it very quickly. This resulted in extreme pressure on the body and soul sea. If complications were to occur, then one would self-destruct while the opponent is left unharmed. But if this is executed properly, a synergy would form and it would generate a force greater than the total input.

The forums were exploding with discussions. Explosive Bear Goddess’ Laura had uploaded an analysis which included a description of the Oscillating Fist. This immediately started a new round of discussions as such high level battled techniques were rarely seen in the elite grades, nevermind within the cannon fodder division. Brother Mouth, just how fucking awesome are you?

A bottom scrubber suddenly turned into a powerhouse with 3 wins of incredibly high standards.

“It looks like my goddess Laura is a fan of Brother King, hehe.”

“Scram! As if you have any relation with my goddess Laura.”

Born as a natural fire ability user, and furthermore a fire spirit user with an enticing figure, Laura was extremely sexy and charming.

Incidentally, as the hot discussion continued, another goddess uploaded her views.

This was Laura’s rival from the New Continent’s southern city, Flame City—Fire Cannon Sharmie. The two of them were no doubt at the forefront of their generation and were both ranked amongst the best in terms of soul power. Laura’s specialty was her sentient soul beast, Fiery Explosion Bear, while Sharmie’s specialty was her unique ability, Flame Burst, which required exquisite control over her soul power. Both of them were hailed as the best fire ability users of the new generation.

To them, events happening within the cannon fodder division held no interest. Yet suddenly, Laura began to post about a newbie in the cannon fodder division. Sharmie felt this was an opportunity on the rise. Being rivals and, furthermore, captains of their respective battle squadrons, both of them possessed a critical eye for judging a person of potential. Competitions involved more than just combat skills.

After Laura had made her post that broke down the match, Sharmie immediately made a follow-up post, expressing her view that All-Mouthy King was the nickname of an elite grade combatant. This made Laura’s viewpoint of his strong and weak points silly.

After using this opportunity to finally gain the upper hand over Laura, Sharmie felt delighted. During the match, the amount of soul power All-Mouthy King used was quite low, yet his control over it was exquisite. This clearly indicated that All-Mouthy King was just a nickname and that it was extremely silly for Laura to do such a detailed analysis of him.

B-big sis… this…” The voice originated from Mario, a Flaming Squadron member who couldn’t help but say something.

“ ‘Big’ your head. If you have anything to say, then shoot it out now!” Sharmie shouted. With her explosive temper, hesitation was something she couldn’t bear with.

Hehe, big sis, that All-Mouthy King isn’t a nickname. It’s a username that’s already been in use for over a year now and has a victory rate of 99 losses. Those three previous matches were his only wins,” Mario said cautiously.

Sharmie stared in shock. As a minute passed, the temperature of the room began to slowly rise, and rise…

“You slowpoke, why didn’t you say so earlier!? Go  die!”

Another member stood around nonchalantly and said, “Vice-captain Mario is so pitiful. Is this the secret to his flame resistance?”

“Our squad captain is perfect in every way but for that explosive temper.”

“It’s the same with captain’s chest, haha.”

“Shush! Be careful about her taboo, else you’ll be roasted alive!”

Mario, who had just been blown away by those flames, gave off a charred smell as he thought, I really have to consider the possibility of just shaving my head bald.

Just as what Sharmie was worried about, the forums once again exploded into discussions. Everybody knew that both Sharmie and Laura were competing for the title of Number One fire ability user.

Sharmie was indeed talented. Even before casting her Heroic Soul, she was able to output an extremely high level of soul power. With her abundant soul sea reserves, her soul power output could be considered limitless. Laura, on the other hand, wasn’t only a fire ability user, but also a spirit user and possessed a spirit soul beast. This made Laura stand out more, which was something the haughty Sharmie couldn’t stand.

Yet, one phrase really stuck to the Explosive Goddess, which was ‘big chest, no brains’… keke, although saying ‘no brains’ was a bit much, her impulsive actions didn’t have much thought behind them.


Seeing the post by Sharmie, Laura broke out into waves of laughter. “Ha! She really is a dairy cow.”

Anlow and Arnold Teuton glanced at one another, both of them understanding the other’s feelings. Those two sacks were surely ‘lethal’ weapons, ah…

Girls were very sensitive to these matters, and Laura asked, “Hehe, what are the two of you thinking about?”

“Nothing boss, what you said is correct. That fellow is definitely a dairy cow with big breasts and no brains!” replied Anlor hurriedly. His reaction was faster than Arnold Teuton’s.

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