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Against the Gods (ATG)

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Wielding the sky poison pearl, receiving the blood of an evil god, cultivating the strength to oppose heaven, a lord overlooking the world!

Synopsis by Alyschu:

A boy is being chased by various people because he alone holds some kind of treasure. He jumps off a cliff to not let any of them have it and wakes up in the body of a boy with the same name in another world. Fortunately, he has kept the treasure he ran off with.

alyschu Note: When I first started translating, I had two English titles in mind: Against the Gods and Opposition of the Devil/Evil God. Around chapter 3-5, I decided on the title Against the Gods because it sounded cooler. Should be Against the Heavens or Opposition of the Evil God but since we’ve almost hit half of a hundred, I’m just going to keep ATG as the title. This is what I get for randomly interpreting translating as I read, meh. My only excuse is that sometimes the heavens and gods are used interchangeably.

Also, the term 逆天 used in the title is a gaming term that essentially means “overpowered”.

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